Utilizing the New SEO with Social Signals

In 2012 Google released its Penguin update and, for a while, the Internet business world didn’t know what to do. People were scrambling to figure out what it all meant. With that most recent update, the importance of social signals became incredibly important. Yes, this is mainly about SEO but it definitely applies to traffic to your site. You can’t expect your business to survive, let alone do well, if you try to ignore this important development. Sure it’s a trend right now but it doesn’t seem to be lessening to any degree. When you are looking for practical applications for social signals (SEO or more general things), these are some of the things that you can do.

Not all homepages have content on them in the traditional sense of long copy. A magazine type of blog will have pages that link to other places. Make sure that you place social signals on your webpages.

These will be the shared links that go to the social media sites. You will probably increase social signals when people visit your site and share your content with their friends and family. There is no way to know what a person wants, but it is good to have a good selection. Of course you should be monitoring all signal activity on your site so you have the feedback you need. If you are not sure if you truly understand your audience then you don’t understand them and that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. It is important that this be both immediate and the only thing you focus on your your message is just going to be lost on them. Since this is all about social media, and SEO, then your ability to reach out with meaningful content is all important. Social media is full of possibilities including the opportunity to figure out who the movers and shakers in your market are. Once you’ve figured out who they are, whether it is through Twitter or Facebook, then you can begin to get involved. You can play a very active role in driving your market’s conversation. You want attention sure, but only try to grab it with messages that are both relevant and topical.

Learn how to leverage infographics which is an area that is just in its infancy because you don’t see them too much. Spend some time brainstorming (alone and with others) and define a few goals. These should be social goals but it is okay to touch on marketing and advertising goals too. It’s best, though, to focus on the social because those create more of a drive in you. One of your objectives is going to be coming up with ways in which you can reach those goals. You can write down who the movers and shakers are in your industry and then watch what they do. You can find out all sorts of things when you do this sort of competitive research. When you are done gathering information, just apply the things you have found out to your business if what you have learned is a good fit. Nobody talked about social signals at this time last year. It didn’t take very long, however, for people to see that SEO and social media marketing are really closely related. The things that join them have gotten stronger so now you need to figure out how to use social signals for ranking and traffic.

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